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5 Dog-Friendly Restaurant Options in Jacksonville

If you have a dog, chances are you’re not too crazy about leaving him or her behind. But if you’re the kind of person who really enjoys eating out, that desire to have your fur-baby around at all times can become problematic.

The good news is that Jacksonville, being a relatively pet-friendly city, has plenty of food options that will allow you to bring your beloved doggy friend along with you.

Generally speaking, most restaurants with an outdoor seating area will let you have your dog with you – assuming they’re well-behaved. This goes even for the city’s many chain restaurants, such as Outback Steakhouse or Hooters.

But if you’re looking for a nice locally-based eating experience to share with your pup, we’ve compiled a list of several restaurants that local dog owners swear by.


One of our personal favorite eateries, Carmines Pie House, is a great place to take your dog.

Located just off of King St. in Riverside, Carmines offers delicious Italian cuisine at an affordable rate. They also have outdoor seating, where your pet is more than welcome to join you. Waiters will generally bring out a bowl of water for your pup, and King St. is a fun, walkable area with several pet-friendly bars you can visit after your meal.

You can find Carmines at 2677 Forbes St.


Brick Restaurant, located in Avondale, offers a similar advantage to Carmines: a highly walkable area in its immediate surroundings.

The restaurant offers a wide selection of elevated American cuisine. Their outdoor patio area is perfect for dog owners, and the staff usually brings your dog some water and even a treat.

Brick is located at 3585 St. Johns Ave.


Not too far away from Brick in Fairfax, Harpoon Louie’s is another great place to bring your pup.

The restaurant, which serves options such as burgers, wings, and seafood, has a nice neighborhood bar atmosphere to it. Its patio area offers shaded seating and a nice view of Big Fishwier Creek, and your dog will get a bowl of water to sip on.

Harpoon Louie’s can be found at 4070 Herschel St.


For San Marco dog owners, The Bearded Pig is a great option.

The BBQ-centric restaurant has an extensive outdoor beer garden area, complete with TVs and lawn chairs. They have a nice beer selection and some of the best BBQ in town, as well.

You can find The Bearded Pig at 1224 Kings Ave.


Out in the suburbs, good pet-friendly options become a bit more spread out. There aren’t as many walkable areas, or outdoor patio areas.

But if you live near Baymeadows Rd., Wicked Barley Brewing Co. is a great neighborhood option where your dog is definitely welcome. The brewery has an extensive back patio area, and has expanded its food menu since launching, making it a great place to grab some food and a drink with your pup.

Oh, and you can also pick up a copy of The Coastal while you’re there!

Wicked Barley is located at 4100 Baymeadows Rd.


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