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Shearwater’s “Pups and Pints” Event Leads to Seven Pet Adoptions

The Shearwater community located off of CR 210 in St. Johns County recently held their second annual Pups and Pints event.

The event, which was sponsored by Pets R Family Veterinary Hospital, drew about 250 of the community’s residents. The aim was to bring the community together while hopefully finding homes for animals in need. It’s the type of event that the master-planned Shearwater community seeks to provide as part of its healthy-lifestyle philosophy.

Two animal shelters, St. Johns County Pet Center and Clay County Animal Care, participated, bringing cats and dogs of all ages that needed new homes. St. Augustine Humane Society was also there looking to recruit volunteers.

Veterans United Craft Brewery was on hand to serve up some of their craft beer, and games were set up out on the community event lawn.

Ultimately, this year’s Pups and Pints led to seven animals finding new homes – three cats and four dogs. This beats last year’s total of four. Thanks to the event, these pets will now call Shearwater home.

We hope they’re able to keep improving on that number in future years!

If you’re interested in adopting a new pet, but you missed out on Pups and Pints, check out St. Johns County Pet Center, Clay County Animal Care, S.A.F.E. Pet Rescue, or Jacksonville Humane Society.

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